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Home Health Aide


Home health aides make it possible for elderly, sick, or disabled people to stay at home instead of moving to a nursing home.

The goal of this program is to prepare CNA’s for certification as a Home Health Aide by the State of California, to function as a worker on health care team in home health agencies.

You will quickly gain the confidence to serve as a Medical Assistant in both clinical and administrative capacities. If you’ve had your sights set on a career with real meaning and excellent advancement potential, this is the program for you.

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Learn How to Become a Home Health Aide

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    A home health aide cares for people who have disabilities, chronic illnesses, cognitive impairments, or age-related problems, who have the need or desire to still live in their own home. They provide companionship for sick or elderly people who may feel isolated and lonely.

    Home Health Aides provide basic services that include administering medications, changing bandages, and checking vital signs like temperature, and pulse and breathing rates. They also offer personal care to patients with bathing, changing sheets, using the toilet or bedpan, walking and exercising, planning meals, shopping for food, and cooking.

    Some aides drive patients to doctor’s appointments or other activities

    Learn about the job duties you can expect if you choose this career:
    • Enables patients to stay in their homes by monitoring and recording patient condition, providing support and personal services, and teaching families.
    • Help clients get dressed and undressed and maintain proper clothing
    • Provide and assist with personal services such as bathing and grooming
    • Assists patients by providing personal services, such as, bathing, dressing, and grooming.
    • Accompany clients to their doctor visits
    • Administration of prescribed medications to clients
    • Assist clients who are unable to handle the day-to-day homemaking duties in their homes
    • Monitors patient condition by observing physical and mental condition, intake and output, and exercise.
    • Monitors patient’s physical and mental condition.
    • Helps family members care for the patient by teaching appropriate ways to lift, turn, and re-position the patient.
    • Provide housekeeping and laundry services, shopping for food and other household requirements, preparing and serving meals and snacks, and running errands.
    • Records patient information by making entries in the patient journal and notifying the nursing supervisor of changing or unusual conditions after each visit.
    Home health aides can find employment at a variety of healthcare institutions, including:

    Home health aides work for

    • Private home healthcare agencies,
    • Health or welfare agencies,
    • Continuing care facilities,
    • Skilled nursing,
    • Developmental disability facilities.
    • Hospitals,
    • Some are self-employed
    Home Health Aide Woodland Hills


    Program Duration 1 Week
    Externship Duration None
    Required National Testing Yes
    Certification Awarded Certified by the State of California Department of Health As a Home Health Aide


    Theory Clinical
    Introduction to Aide and Agency Role 2 Hours N/A
    Interpretation of Medical and Social Needs of Clients 5 Hours N/A.
    Personal Care Services 5 Hours 15 Hours
    Nutrition 5 Hours 3 Hours
    Cleaning and Care Tasks in the Home 3 Hours 2 Hours


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    • NHA, NCCT approved testing site with in-house proctoring